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Corporate Clients


Our corporate clients are typically experiencing, or about to experience, significant change in their organisations. This may be change that is internal to a department or function (for instance the need to establish or re-engineer policies and processes), or external, for instance a major ERP or Shared Services project.

Such clients generally find that they have an extensive choice of consultants to support change in the conventional finance functions: general ledger, payables, receivables etc. However, up till now, their choice of consulting partners to support change in treasury, risk management, cash management and banking has been limited. This is particularly true where large international projects are concerned, and is compounded by the growing need to have a deep understanding of commercial, as well as financial, cash management.

ARC Solutions has been created to give our clients access to our extensive knowledge and experience in these “forgotten” but vital fields. Specifically, we aim to assist clients by using our experience to enhance the use of client resources and to transfer our knowledge to client staff (see “philosophy and values”).

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